Here is what our patients have to say!

"After the birth of my third child, I was desperate to find something that would comfort her after all traditional remedies for colic failed. Knowing how Dr. Boufford had been able to help me in the past, I didn't hesitate to call. After the first adjustment my then three week old was able to straighten her legs for the first time. Since then we have visited her and the days following her adjustments have been days where she is able to sleep, relax and eat comfortably without pain. We are indebted to Dr. Boufford for her service and help with our newest blessing." Ellie N.

"When my son was born in February he was diagnosed with torticollis. We took him to six different doctors with no results and no relief. I remembered how chiropractic care helped me when I was younger and thought I would try it for my son. We brought him to see Dr. Boufford and in ONE adjustment my son had instant relief. You could see the relief on his face it was AMAZING! He has been a completely different child ever since. I thank Dr. Boufford every day."   Catherine D. 

"My son has had various sinus issues since he was born. After he had his third ear infection in three months and the peditrician wanted to put him on another regimin of antibiotics I decided to try something else. I brought my son in to see Dr. Boufford two weeks before he was scheduled to see an ear, nose and throat specialist. At his visit the ear infection was gone and he passed all the hearing tests. Now when he starts tugging at his ear I bring him in for an adjustment. He hasn't had an ear infection since I started bringing him to see Dr. Boufford."   Heather K. 

 "I have osteoarthritis. My back slips out of place causing severe pain. Dr. Boufford gives me chiropractic adjustments every two weeks. Her treatments stop the pain, helps the back stay in place and relieves the stress. I think better and walk without my cane. Her treatments make me feel better, younger and stronger. My age is 84."   Arleen R. 

"One day I was picking up clothes off the floor and my lower back gave out. I was in excruciating pain bent over on the floor going into mild shock. I got to Dr. Boufford in the late afternoon and after A LOT of ice packs she was able to adjust my back and lo and behold I could stand upright! I wasn't hunched over any more. Over the next few days my lower back kept getting better and better. Every adjustment allowed for more movement and walking ability. Thank God for good natural chiropractors!"   Jim P

"When I was 8 months pregnant my baby was in the breach position. Dr. Boufford performed the Webster technique in order to encourage the baby's proper position for birthing. One week later, baby Joseph was ready for delivery in the proper position! I am currently pregnant with my second child and throughout both pregnancies, my weekly adjustments and bi-weekly massages helped make them much more comfortable."    Deb G. 

"I don't know how I would manage without my chiropractic visits. I believe it keeps me in the best of health. My grandfather definitely had the right idea a long time ago. He had regular visits to a chiropractor."   Lois C. 

"Dr. Boufford and the massage therapists have helped me to better manage a chronic muscle pain called fibromyalgia. I feel the best I've felt in 8 years!"    Laura H. 

"I had suffered excruciating migraines from stress and poor diet for many years. Regular adjustments, combined with massage therapy and tips from Dr. Boufford and the therapists on nutrition, have nearly eliminated the need for migraine medication."    April K.